Creating a personal message for when the alarm goes off

Hi! I love you app, and the captcha function is very useful, but I was thinking, that it would be nice if you could create a message that would show when the alarm is going off. I usually don’t remeber in the morning why I chose to wake up earlier, but if I could see “wake up, you have to get that essey done” when I go to turn off the alarm, I would be much more motivated to actually get up and not hit the snooze button. Would you consider adding an option like that?

Hello Martyna,

thank you very much for your message. There is already such feature… When you edit your alarm, in the very top of that screen you will find a text field for an alarm label… just fill it in and this message will show up on the alarm screen in the morning and as the description for your sleep graph…

Yes, but the label gets lost in the background when the alarm goes off. It’s not the main focus, and that is the biggest advantage with captcha — you don’t see anything else beside it. It’s easy to forget you set up the label if you’re a heavy sleeper. I hope you’ll reconsider my request, it would be a great help.

Hello Martyna… many thanks, you mean the alarm label would also be shown on the CAPCTHA screen? At the moment you can see it in the middle on the alarm screen and when you enter CAPCTHA you can get back to the alarm screen by using back…

We will consider your feature request although. At the moment there are many different CAPTCHAs even 3rd party CAPTCHAs as we have an API for CAPCTHA… so we would need to implement the alarm label in every single CAPCTHA …

No, no, sorry, I may have explained it a bit wrong — I meant having captcha option, that would be a bit similar to the dream diary one. But instead of writing after waking up, you would create a message beforehand and when the alarm goes off, that message would show for a certain amount of time before you can do anything else, like hitting snooze or turning off the alarm. That way in the morning the captcha would remind you why you set up that alarm in the first place. So no labels involved, I only mentioned them since they were recommended as a solution, but didn’t really work in a way that would be helpful. I hope I explained everything more clearly now.

renewing the topic with a new addition

Message AFTER Captcha
I would like to be able to send myself a little message after the alarm is finished. Once I’ve solved the captcha and turned off the alarm, I would like to see “don’t forget to drop off that letter in the mail box!” … or “don’t forget to grab stamps on your way to work!”…
The alarm label won’t work, it is shown only before dismissing.

Right after successfully turning off the alarm, the message appears on the screen (or is read aloud by the device.)

This would rock.

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I would like to have an option for adding a message to the alarm, displayed directly on the alarm screen (no CAPTCHA).
The alarm label is used for sorting the alarms, this should be an independent message.

There’s a decent amount of space above “Dismiss” that could hold a message of some kind, with options to display the same message or set it only for the next alarm.

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