Create ideal sleep schedule

From Anonymous on 2016/01/22 06:20:14 +0000

Pick a type of sleep schedule you’d like to have, import daily schedule, have app develop an ideal sleep and nap plan for you.

Copied from original feature request:

From Frasier Linde on 2016/10/14 01:52:28 +0000

@Anonymous, why do you set the alarm to 10 if you feel best waking up at 7? Just set it to 7!

From Anonymous on 2016/07/22 14:19:09 +0000

I would also like to add that when advice is provided to us accorsing to our past sleep schedule, it mainly present sleep deficit or deep sleep infos. It would be great to have as advice something like "you are not regularly going to bed at the same time" or you should go to bed at 10pm everyday to improve your sleep pattern

From Anonymous on 2016/07/06 23:20:42 +0000

It would be great to be able to specify the latest time to go to bed. For example, I set alarm to 10:00 and my ideal sleep is 8 hours, but it's too late to go to bed at 2:00. So I would like to fall asleep at least at 23:00 to feel myself fresh the next day. Of course, it should alarm at 7:00 to prevent me from overslepping. But it should alarm at 10:00 still as specified. This will help to keep sleep regime.