Create a night's sleep record using sensor data from Android Health Connect

The new android Health Connect solution from Google Sounds like a very promising way to bring sleep data into Sleep as Android from arly any device.

If Health Connect has a an all-night series of heart rate, 02 saturation, and motion data, will Sleep as Sndroid be able to read and process that data like it does with a live data stream overnight?

The sample program provided by Google submits to Health Connect a series of sleep stages. That’s why I ask. In contrast I’m looking for processing raw sensor data not calculated sleep phases.

Hello, IMHO Health Connect will only be useful ex-post - migrating your aggregated past Sleep data from other apps / backup of your data in another service etc… I do not this you can use it to get any life adhoc data IMHO…

Thanks for the reply, Petr
It doesn’t seem to be a limitation in health connect. From what I see it can store series of sensor data. Would it be difficult to enhance Sleep as Android design to consume stored sensor data in health connect? Having my sensor data in Health Connect seems very valuable and more secure instead of just having them in CSV files. Over many months I have tried to send sensor data to the Sleep as Android wearables API with no success. The generic ones like setting an alarm time work, but it refuses to accept the intents I’m attempting to use for sensor data. I have over 1.5 years of CSV data representing the 3 sensors listed above. It’s disheartening that I can’t leverage the app to apply and analyze that data regarding my sleep activity.