Crash on Release Notes

I just updated to August 10 beta version. While reading the release notes, it crashed after a minute, give or take. I selected release notes after restarting the app, and it happened again. The whole app stops, disappears. And then it happened again. I was trying to read recent updates, but it crashes the app. Would a bug report help? I’m not tracking, just trying to read the release notes. Thanks.

Hello Robin, can you please use menu - report a bug… at the moment we do not known about this error… as soon as we get the error logged we will fix it ASAP… sorry for the issues…

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Well, a new beta just downloaded, and the problem didn’t happen now. So, perhaps it was just a transient bug. If it starts happening again, I will immediately send a report. When it was happening, it kept happening, but since the new release, it’s okay.