Couple Captcha questions - how do I

I use my phone and heart rate monitor every morning to do orthostatic heart rate test.
This means I need the phone and other apps for 5 minutes after waking - and this test must be done at the time of waking, so not 5 minutes later (say for example when the captcha is satisfied).

specifically for the “let there be light” LTBL captcha, how can I

  1. switch to other apps while the captcha is making a sound
  2. slow down the rate of sound volume increase
  3. maybe let the snooze button work for up to 7 minutes?

It would be good to be able to do this for all the captchas but right now LTBL works best for my situation - not having to walk or talk or calculate while I’m using those other apps (heart rate monitor app and timer) is a big plus for LTBL

I don’t know why this wasn’t working the last time - I enabled the snooze but SAA was not letting me switch apps to the other apps I needed.

Today it let me do that.

Maybe I had not saved my preferences properly last time.