Counting days with no sleep toward sleep deficit/irregularity

I had a day with zero sleep, a difficult part of my complicated Non-24 Circadian Rhythm Disorder (Which also makes me sleep at irregular times, for irregular amounts of time). Yet this app doesn’t seem to factor that into my stats. I realize it’s probably that way to account for people simply forgetting to start the sleep tracking, or if they’re on the free trial.

However, I would like to be given some option to specify that in fact I had no sleep at all on a given day, and for the app to count that into the severity of my sleep issues.

Maybe when I first open the app after a missed day, in the paid version only, it can say, “You did not record sleep for (date/s).” Then have two buttons: “Manually add sleep” and “I did not sleep.” If multiple dates were there, then a pair of buttons next to each date, or something?

It can be different of course, but some way for the app to realize the full picture for someone with sleep disorders would be useful to show to my sleep specialist. Thanks.

I support this. It’s a pain to have to add 15 minutes to get the sleep deficit to work correctly (the 1 minute work-around doesn’t work for me), and even then the cumulative sleep deficit doesn’t always work properly.