[COR] Turn off phone alarm sound when using tracker

Since I’ve switched from Fitbit to Amazfit Cor, I’m happily using the smart wake up function again on Sleep as Android. Together with Notify & Fitness, we’re rocking and rolling. My only 2 paid for apps and well worth the money, especially together.

(I live in earthquake territory, and the smart wake up was registering the minute vibrations that happen all the time, quite a feat I must say, but it spoiled my smart wake up quite a bit!)

One thing I can’t find, and I don’t know if it’s SaA or N&F that needs to control that, is how to not let the phone sound an alarm, but only let the Cor vibrate to stop the aul’ fella from waking up when I do.

Hi! That’s an easy thing to do - just set the ringtone for your alarm to silent.
To do that:

  • tap on your alarm
  • choose ringtone
  • select Silent

You’re good to go .)