Constant Application is draining battery Galaxy Watch 46mm

Detailed description of the problem:
When I run Sleep as android app on Galaxy Watch 46 mm, I keep getting notification App is draining battery as described here I found no way to disable this notification on the watch.
This notification can’t be muted also, even if I put watch into plane, theatre, do not disturb etc. - watch keeps vibrating whole night about every 20 minutes.
Drain is about 3 % per hour, which is probably more than desired with watch capable of 4 days without charger.

Steps to reproduce:
Install companion app to watch.
Link to sleep as android on the phone.
Start tracking from phone.
Wait 20-60 minutes.

Version of Sleep as Android:
I don’t have the watch with me right now, latest as of 29.8.2019 for both phone and watch.

Just got the Galaxy Watch Active 2. I’m seeing the warning you are talking about once a night, but not continually. I’m also seeing the high battery usage of about 40%/night. To compare, over the last 4 daytime hours the watch has lost 3%.

Hi! I’ve also observed the notification - for me it appears exactly one hour after I start sleep tracking and keeps hanging there even if the Sleep app on the watch is already closed.

I think I have the same problem, the drain is there but I experience the vibrating only (yet) when using the binaural beats.