Constant Application is draining battery Galaxy Watch 46mm

Detailed description of the problem:
When I run Sleep as android app on Galaxy Watch 46 mm, I keep getting notification App is draining battery as described here I found no way to disable this notification on the watch.
This notification can’t be muted also, even if I put watch into plane, theatre, do not disturb etc. - watch keeps vibrating whole night about every 20 minutes.
Drain is about 3 % per hour, which is probably more than desired with watch capable of 4 days without charger.

Steps to reproduce:
Install companion app to watch.
Link to sleep as android on the phone.
Start tracking from phone.
Wait 20-60 minutes.

Version of Sleep as Android:
I don’t have the watch with me right now, latest as of 29.8.2019 for both phone and watch.