Confused seeking some direction

I made the mistake of subscribing to this app without adequately checking its features, and now I regret it. I was particularly interested in finding out if the app tracks AHI (Apnea-Hypopnea Index), but I can’t seem to locate the option. I’m unsure if the app has this feature or if I’m just not looking in the right place. Please help me determine if the app tracks AHI and point me in the right direction. I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hello Vako, the app detects ODI/RDI (oxyhemoglobin desaturation index, oximeter-derived respiratory disturbance index).
The SpO2 data comes from the SpO2 sensor on the wearable/oximeter.
Breath rate is detected by the accelerometer of the chest strap, sonar sensor, or Sleep Phaser.
If the app has enough data, you will see an RDI pie chart in the sleep score section at the top (you can change the order of the charts if this is the one that interests you the most). The number shows the number of respiratory disturbances per hour.
Every respiratory disturbance is also labeled on the graph as “O₂”.

I need clarification - is it necessary to have an O2 ring or another oxygen monitor wearable to view the 02 feature in your SS?

Anyone? Been days already. This forum looks kinda of a graveyard 🪦 🤷🏻

Hello Vako, if you wish to have SpO2 data, you need a device capable of measuring SpO2 level.
Phones do not have any sensor, that can measure the level of oxygen in the blood, you have to have a device, that has such a sensor - either a wearable with SpO2 diodes, or an oximeter.
The Sleep app can either collect data from this wearable or oximeter directly, or the data can be measured by a different app, and sync to Sleep via the Health Connect service.

Breath rate can be measured by the sonar sensor produced by the phone (if the sonar signal is strong enough), with a Polar H10, or with Sleep Phaser.