Compatibility with menstrual cycle tracker/pregnancy tracker

From Kyleene on 2016/03/28 05:09:55 +0000

There’s this app company called Ovuline Inc. They have a menstrual cycle tracker and pregnancy tracker on the App Store. I was wondering if you could get compatibility with them so women can see how their cycles and pregnancy affect their sleep. They have the most users for their types of apps so I thought it would be a good place to start. I for one know my cycle affects my sleep but I would like intel on how. Your app and their apps could provide a useful tool in seeing how pregnancy and our menstrual cycles affect our sleep.

Copied from original feature request:

From Anonymous on 2016/08/04 11:54:06 +0000

I use hashtag to track multiple aspects of my sleep already; travel, husband traveling, using breath-right, etc. Would love to see this default/graphic added.

From Mikala on 2016/07/14 18:38:16 +0000

You could also hash tag period days then track it in the sleep app that way.

From David Bu on 2016/06/08 17:55:52 +0000

This is a really great idea.

From Kyleene on 2016/04/14 02:21:31 +0000

Their apps are Ovia Period and Ovulation Tracker, and Ovia Pregnancy Tracker.

From Kyleene on 2016/04/14 02:20:15 +0000

Wow thank you guys for the support. That really means a lot. I just think it would be helpful for women to know how our periods and pregnancy affect our sleep. There has to be a relationship between the two. I've noticed I spend most of my time in light sleep on my period. I just would like to be able to link the apps so I would get an in depth analysis of my sleep. The reason why I said Ovuline is because they do ask how many hours you've slept at night. But if they had more in depth information than just how many hours it would be helpful. I also think that this app would be perfect to link with Ovuline for that reason.

From Anonymous on 2016/04/12 11:15:45 +0000

There is also a growing body of research that looks at how to track your cycle to maximize athletic training. Being able to grav sleep quality throughout the menstrual cycle would be great this as well.

From Anonymous on 2016/04/12 11:06:15 +0000

Also add a tag for periods and pregnancy

From Solveig Lyby on 2016/04/08 02:26:25 +0000

I would definitely be interested. There are several possible apps though, like "Glow" and "Womanlog" for example. Tried neither, because what I am interested in is this exact thing, the effect on sleep, and without a compatible sleep tracker there is no point.