Compatibility with Beurer PO60 Smart Bluetooth pulse oximeter

From Almeo Maus on 2016/12/06 23:21:59 +0000

Beurer’s PO60 seems to be a small-factor, medical-grade pulse oximeter, that is supporting Smart Bluetooth connection to Android (with Beurer’s app).
It would be great, and seems feasible, to add support for it.
There is already some support for pulse oximeters in Sleep, but they do not seem as well designed as this one.
Moreover it is quite cheap.

Copied from original feature request:

I have looked at the Beurer and doubt I would wear it through the night. If I could wear that clunky thing then maybe I could wear a CPAP mask :slight_smile: Also I bought the one from Happy Electronics and I am happy with the device but both the software that you can get for it and the integration with Sleep As are far from what I think is required.

What is the point of a device that can take measurements through the night if you cannot get good data from that device. The blue line that you get with sleep as only has two number on it and you cannot for example count the number of times it drops below a certain value.

This is not something where you can export the data and share it with a doctor.

There is an alarm if your oxygen level drops but you cannot set the percentage as a number.

It is a nice add on but I look at it this way. If you have a sleep problem you want to be able to monitor it on an ongoing basis. Maybe a doctor will want a professional sleep study done but that is not something that measures your normal night and not something you can do all the time.

We will make some progress when a person with or without a doctor has good data to support management of the problem. Integrating other devices to measure oxygen saturation is okay if the device will give you detailed data outside Sleep As and if you can wear it and it can run all night but unless Sleep as can get more value out of the device integrating other should not be the priority.