Combine Light CAPCHA with Typed Math CAPCHA

There are some mornings when I will turn on a light but keep my eyes closed in an attempt to stay asleep. To prevent this, you could add in the requirement to do something like Typed Math while you let the LUX meter run out.

You could also do something simpler in order to prove you’re looking at the screen - eg have a randomly moving object you keep your finger on.

@Tyler_Hyma in fact you can use the Multi CAPTCHA from the optional CAPTCHA pack nd configure to do a light check and then match CAPTCHA or other way around or combine your CAPTCHAs in any order…

@KTibow yes good idea for a new CAPTCHA… or you can use any one of the CAPTCHAs which need some visual check like Sleeping Sheet CAPTCHA?

You could still cheat that by turning the light off :person_shrugging: