Cloud icon and no hypnogramm

some of my sleep records in the overview don’t have the watch icon, or the house icon, but only a cloud-service icon. and the hypnogramm is missing (also the sleep bars are all blue). I’m connected with samsung health but synchronizing doesn’t help, although it does something. it happens only sometimes

Hello @watercooled please check if Sleep as Android has all permissions to Samsung Health, on the permission screen you may need to scroll down to tick more permissions, if we do not get sleep phases permission we will only donwload sleep sessions and you will be missing sleep stages…

they are all activated

Hi @watercooled, the #cloud icon is added automatically to all graphs, that were synced from the other online services (so not measured by our app).
Do you use Sleep for sleep tracking? Do you have automatic tracking start enabled, or do you rely on the manual start?
If you have troubles with the tracking, or synchronization with the S Health, please use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug. Are the data missing in Sleep (from S Health), or are they missing in the S Health (from Sleep)?

ah i understand. so i use to track manually, but sometimes i forget ist. but then there is automatical tracking (with the magic icon). so i was wondering why the #cloud occurs. but now i think the missing data is “from” samsung
btw thanks for your replies

You can try the automatic start (will start the full tracking for you automatically), or you can use the “Sleep time estimation” feature - the app will analyze the system activity data in the morning, if there is a gap in your data, and will suggest the times you might have been sleeping.
Settings > Sleep tracking > Automatic tracking > Start sleep tracking (After fall sleep is the full automatic option)
Settings > Sleep tracking > Automatic tracking > Sleep time estimation