Clone Existing Alarms to Reduce Setup Effort [SOLVED]

I’d like a button to tap on an alarm’s main screen that “clones” the alarm:

  • All of the settings for the alarm currently being edited on my screen will be copied to a new alarm, exactly as they are, with only a change to the alarm name.
  • The alarm name will be “COPY-” followed by the original alarm name.


  • Setting up new sleep alarms is tedious, having to weigh choices of options and ensuring they are all set accordingly.
  • My needs for sleep alarm schedules vary from week to week. The nature of my work, my children’s scholastic needs, seasonal changes, etc., make the SAA stock alarm schedule wholly unusable more than 50% of my nights.
  • As my next alarm schedule changes, I can simply inactivate the previous one and activate the one I need.
  • I believe this approach is easier for the developers. The alternative would be to request alarms that I can select multiple, individual days over 2 weeks. That would likely take much effort and be more complex for users.

Hello, to copy an existing alarm, long press on this alarm in the list of alarms, and choose “Copy” from the menu. All settings will be cloned to a new alarm.