Clarify record edition tools/functions

From Rafael Pennese on 2017/08/15 06:43:42 +0000

These record edition functions are very confusing (sometimes I end up deleteing the whole record and it even happened that I could not undo…) : there should be tips/notes in the app clarifying how the “delete” and “split” functions work. Maybe a “crop function”, with brackets appearing around the selected area, would be more explicit.

Copied from original feature request:

I just ended up doing the same thing. Every time I want to crop out a part of my sleep graph, for the life of me I can’t remember which way it works. I just lost the entire sleep record for last night again and this was definitely not the first time. The undo toast at the bottom does nothing BTW. I clicked it as soon as I realised I made a mistake but it did not recover the record. So I went to Google to find out if there’s another way to undo and turns out the very act of leaving the app and searching for another way means I’ve now permanently lost the ability to undo that action.