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To get maximum of your sleep time, it is crucial to sleep regularly – go to sleep at the same time every day and sleep for a fixed period of time.

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I happen to work Monday to Friday as well, but not everyone does. Would be great if the comparison could be work day to free day vs weekday to week end day by allowing to enter what days are work days.

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I completely agree with you. I really looking forward for this feature

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It works. I had worked odd days off from 4×10 work weeks to 5×8 weeks with no normal “weekends” until 90 days ago, except when I had training for work sprinkled in there.

Also agreed! As a home office worker and an outdoor enthusiast I tend to sleep less on weeken than weekdays when the weather is good.
Would be nice to be able to choose take pattern of your days working/off and add an easy button to say “I’m off today”

Yeah I really would like to see if they could expand the way they track our sleep naps and broken sleep perhaps even truly known by breath and pulse rate I’m not sure how it works I thought it was just by movement and sound