Choosing which day goes with a record / sleep day cutoff as prior day

From Anonymous on 2015/04/07 20:42:12 +0000

Right now, you offer the option for which day a record belongs to under Miscellaneous / Sleep day cutoff. In general, this always places a record into the following day / next day. This is quite different than the way that I think about my sleeping habits, which is that I think about a night’s sleep according to when I go to sleep, rather than when I wake up. So even if I go to bed at 1am on Tuesday, I consider that as “Monday night’s” record. I would like the option to do the reverse of the current setting, so that sleep’s started before a given hour (e.g., before 4am) are considered as part of the prior day.

Copied from original feature request:

From luke zankich on 2017/05/11 17:42:44 +0000

agreed. saying wed night sleep is thursday is not accurate and confusing.

From Anonymous on 2016/09/01 04:54:59 +0000

I Agee that would be a very helpful option

I have been using SAA for more than two years, but the most frustrating and arbitrary thing about it is its assignment of a night’s sleep record to the next day. I don’t know anyone in the USA (where there is a huge base of SAA users) who thinks of Saturday night as Sunday night. Maybe in other parts of the world there is a different conception of time perception,.but given the number of users in the USA, please add a user switch to be able to change what day a sleep record is assigned to. It is just so confusing now especially if looking back at the sleep graphs trying to figure out what day/night belongs to each record. I am much more interested in what I did that day that might have affected my sleep than in how my sleep might have affected my next day, and even if not, I still think of it as Saturday night affecting my Sunday, not as how my Sunday sleeping affected my Sunday. I see that this feature request has been active since at least 2015 and it has a relatively high number of votes compared to other feature requests, so I don’t understand why SAA has been dragging their feet for so long on what should be a fairly easy fix to a problem affecting so many users. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE FIX THIS! :pray:


This is actually really confusing for me. I understand both sides, and I believe this should be one of those 12 hour clock vs 24 hour clock or week starts on Monday vs Sunday kind of things. One toggle, and further fine tune with the existing sleep day cutoff setting if desired.