Check if flashing works for jetlag prevention

From Stéphane on 2016/08/25 02:45:19 +0000

At this moment, I enabled jetlag prevention, but I have no way of knowing whether it will flash at some point during the night. A simple feature to check if it correctly activates the flash (by asking the user to check manually) would be nice!

Copied from original feature request:

From Petr Nálevka on 2016/08/25 08:50:22 +0000

Is it possible tracking was paused at that time? Can you please use menu - report a bug?

From Stéphane on 2016/08/25 08:49:17 +0000

I saw that, but it doesn't flash when I go to sleep (while according to the time, it should). Should it flash only based on time? Or should this only happen in a specific sleep phase, for example?