Change date of recording

It seems like a simple thing, but how can I change the date/day of a recording?!

Hello Stan, we do not have this feature, and I think we have heart a lot of feature request in the past 9 years we are working on the app but not yet this one… Can you explain your use-case?

If the phone makes a mistake (wrong time zone etc etc) or when a human mistake occurs (me adding some at a wrong date), it would be nice to be able to change the date without;
A) Throwing all data / stats etc away!
B) Having to retype / remake a manual sleep cycle inc all comments, times, etc.


Many thanks for the explanation. IMHO A) is a very rare case and B) has a solution although a little cumbersome…Anyway I’m moving this thread to the feature request category. So it can win some upvotes…