CAPTCHA Cheating Protection upgrade - we need your feedback!

Please let us know what do you think about our new CAPTCHA Cheating Protection upgrade!
It got upgraded with a lockscreen-like overlay which prevents you from doing anything else than solving the CAPTCHA at hand.


As long as this is optional and not on by default. I don’t want this feature myself, specially the cash taking part

Hello Stephen, many thanks for the feedback… sure this is completely optional and has to be enabled in Settings > CAPCTHA > Cheating protection… it is totally up to you what level of protection you choose. Many thanks for the feedback…

BTW we have implemented the “Motivation wager” because of people who are really desperately unable to get out of bed in the morning and nothing really can stop them from cheating the CAPTCHA.

Of course solving this problem isn’t easy as after all you are always the supreme master of your phone…

So we have been asking those users if a monetary motivation wager would help them to overcome this kind of issues and we had a lot of positive feedback. This is why we moved forward and implemented this feature…

Hey UrbanAndroid!
I tried the WakeUp Motivation to test out the feature (paid with PayPal). I got up and completed all of my CAPTCHA tasks. So I went back and clicked get refund, but I cannot find the refund anywhere.