Captcha bypass "only at home"?


I’m a heavy snoozer and Captcha is my best friend.
It works marvelously by forcing me to get out of the bed and scan my morning medicine code bar in the kitchen.

Today, while waking up, after pressing the dismiss button, a green button written “only at home” appeared right next to the red SCAN button.

Not knowing what it was, i pressed and the alarm went off without further details

Note: this night I did not use the tracking system.

I went looking where I could disable this as it would defeat the purpose of my Captcha, but did not find this option anywhere.

Any suggestion?


If your Captcha is enable only on alarm and not by default, you must go to the default setting and temporarily change from disable to qr code. Doing so will enable the settings menu for the qr code, which will then allow you to deselect the only at home option. You can then disable again by default.

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