Can't see all the discussions in forum


When browsing the forums, the message I get after one page is that “there are no more topics”. And I know for a fact that that’s not true, because I’m searching for possible reactions to my own topics that I’ve created. I’ve tried all: recent, year, all time… etc. I can only see my own topics if I lok for them in my profile, and then I know that they still exist on the site. This must be the case with all of the discussion: I’m probably able to see just a small fraction of everything that’s going on, and thus being left out of a world of interesting stuff… :confused:


Hello @rika, could you please post a screenshot? Maybe that’s showing up in a specific forum category which in fact does not have more topics?


Hi there @jiri-urbandroid. I’m trying to browse feature requests ( and see only 50 messages, before I get the “there are no more Feature requests”-message. I try to make sure I see them all, so I click “all time” , but I still see only 50 messages. From the dropdown menu I learn that I should see 1412. All the mentioned 50 don’t fit in one screenshot, so I send you the lower part of my screen: