Can't find sleep as android in play store for android wear

Hi! I can’t find sleep as android in my watch’s playstore. I’m using Huawei wear 2.0, and i’m from Argentina (maybe localization issue?).

What can I do?

Thanks for your future answer.


If you already have Sleep as Android installed on your phone, then the watch app can be only installed from “apps on your phone” and for some reason not directly from Play Store on the watch.

How to get there:

  1. Make sure the watch is connected to the phone
  2. Go to app list on your watch, select Play Store.
  3. Scroll past Recommended for you, Top Free Apps etc., until you see “Apps on your phone”
  4. Scroll down until you see Sleep
  5. Click the download button to the right. Done!
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Thank you! The solution was almost the same as you say:
I opened Google play in my watch, and immediately scroll down until the end, where there was a list of apps installed in my phone, and have an app for my watch.
Thank you for your help :smiley:

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