Cant choose which captcha will be used in multicaptcha. Cant change difficulty of captcha


I am using Sleep as android for a long time. On older version of app, I could set Multi captcha (choose exactly, which captcha I want), or difficultu of captcha (eg. math captcha).

I bought new phone Samsung A5 and now, I can’t choose multi captcha, or lets be more precise, I can choose it but can’t choose which captcha I will use or difficulty of captcha. Even when I choose only math captcha, I can’t set the difficulty of it. I don’t know it this is a bug or I am not able to find how to set it up. It worked for me on older version.

Could anybody help me to explain me why it does not work? I would like to set up QR Code captcha and
Math/Sleeping sheep captcha.

Additional information:
Release notes: 20190430
Android version: 7.0

Thank you

Hello Doridand,
there is still an option for Multi Captcha - is the Captcha add-on pack installed on your new phone?

First, set the difficulty of those tasks you wish to use for Multi captcha:

  • select a task in Settings -> Captcha -> Default Catpcha -> e.g. Simple math
  • set its difficulty in Settings -> Captcha -> Simple math Difficulty (this option appears when the task is already selected)

Then learn the QR code

  • select QR captcha in Settings -> Captcha -> Default Captcha -> QR Code
  • learn the code in Settings -> Captcha -> Settings (appears under Preview options once the QR captcha has been selected) -> tap on Learn button
  • scan the code

Now, when all tasks are ready, select Multi Captcha in the list of Captcha tasks.

Hello Lenka,

thank you for your reply.

I have Captcha add-on pack installed already.

I set it up as you describe in your reply, it works.

I have to say, this new settings and configuration of alarm is counterintuitive. I spent a lot of time to figure out, how it works.

Thank you for your assistance, you really helped me.