Can't Activate Sync Integrations

Detailed description of the problem:
When I try to activate either the Google Fit or Samsung Health integrations, they deselect after I select my Google account for Google Fit or accept the permissions for Samsung Health. I’m using a Sprint locked Galaxy S10+.

The issue with Google Fit also occurred on my Essential PH-1 and my Sprint Galaxy Nexus before that so, I’m almost certain that this issue is on my end somewhere.

Steps to reproduce:
Select either the Google Fit or Samsung Health integration.

Select a Google Account or allow the necessary Samsung Health permissions.

Watch the application drop you back to the settings screen with the chosen integration deselected.

Version of Sleep as Android:
20160411.6060 from the Amazon appstore.

I’ve noticed a potential issue. Apparently, the Amazon version is three years old. Can I use the Amazon unlocker that I bought years ago with the Google Play version of the application or do I need to buy it again on the Play store?