Cannot Install Watch App/Watchface for Galaxy Gear S2

I recently inherited my partner’s hand-me-down Galaxy Gear S2, and I wanted to hook it up to Sleep As Android. I followed the app’s instructions and installed the Galaxy/Gear Add-on for Sleep. However, when I tried to follow the instructions in THAT app to install the Sleep as Android Native Gear Companion onto my watch, I was unable to do so. Clicking the “install” link in the Galaxy/Gear Add-on app redirected me to the Samsung Wearables app with no link to anything I could install onto my watch. Manually navigating to the appropriate link provided by the Sleep As Android website ( resulted in the error “Your watch doesn’t support this app. (com.urbandroid.sleep.gearfit:2290:9908:246efd217199)”. I tried the app for the Gear Fit 2 just in case and ran into the same issue. Naturally, the main Sleep As Android app complains that I haven’t installed the right app to my watch, so I’m unable to use my watch for sleep tracking despite it being listed as supported.

Hello @sparksbet honestly the Galaxy store is absolutely dump. Samsung requires the developers to explicitedly check all Phone vs. Watch combinations! You can imagine there are hundreds of them and new are appearing all the time. So I guess probably your Phone x Watch combination is now present in the list, so if you tell us what phone is this we will try to add it…

Hi @petr-urbandroid thanks for the response! That seems like an absolutely silly way for Samsung to have the Galaxy store work, I can understand how something would fall through the cracks that way. My phone is an Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Hi @petr-urbandroid I’m getting the same error after upgrading my phone to the Galaxy S21, also using Gear S2. Worked fine previously on my S7, but Samsung also makes you factory reset the watch when connecting to a new phone and can’t reinstall it.

Hi, Im in the same situation as the poster in the opening post. I just got a “Gear Git 2 pro” from my partner and want to connect it to your app, which I have been using for years.
My Phone is a Samsung S10e (exynos version). I would be very happy, if you could make the watchface work on this phone.

Hi, is the wearable at least Tizen 3.0?

Nope, on Samsung wearables its often not easy to find out the correct firmware version. My guess would be that it is running on Tizen 2.3.**. Interestingly the device still received a firmware update in July 2022 with some unknown bug fixes.