Cannot install any .APK from website

I am trying to get all three data types synced from Sleep to Health Connect, but only Sleep is ticked and the other options are greyed out.

I understand I need to use a downloaded version (not from the Play Store) but none of them will install it always gets an error saying “App not installed as package appears to be invalid.”

it’s not a browser security apk install problem.

Hello, I just tested a few newest apk files from the web and they all installed.
Which versions did you try to install? Are you trying to update (Sleep already present), or install (Sleep not installed yet)?

I tried the three most recent versions – two beta and one production – and they all had the same error.

They were upgrade installs – Should I try to uninstall Sleep and then install the APKs? Will all of my settings be preserved?

Sometimes, when you install from outside Play Store and the versions are very similar (only a few changes), the system will refuse to install it over the current version.

In that case, you might need to reinstall. But do not forget to back up your data:

(not the local backup)