Cannot dismiss or snooze alarm from my Garmin watch

Detailed description of the problem:
I’ve sent a bug report from the app, but if it’s user error, not sure how you would get back to me.

When an alarm sounds, I don’t get any notification on my watch and am unable to snooze or dismiss from the watch.

Steps to reproduce:
Using Garmin 965 watch latest version of the Garmin app installed. Phone is Samsung Galaxy note 10+.

I have read other forum posts and found nothing that works. Other notifications from the sleep as android app appear on the watch as expected.

Version of Sleep as Android:
Latest beta version

Hello @codex70, can you please double check that the Garmin add-on is Settings > Apps > Sleep Garmin Add-on > Battery > Unrestricted?

Hi @petr-urbandroid, I can confirm that I’ve checked and all 3 apps installed for Sleep as Android (Sleep, Sleep Garmin and Sleep tracking from watch) are all set to battery unrestricted. I’ve also turned off the toggle to remove permissions on all 3 apps if unused. Garmin connnect and connect IQ are also set the same.

As I say I get a notification on the watch when I set the alarm (it says “Alarm Mon 10:58” for example), but when the alarm starts on the phone, I get no notification on the watch, and have to dismiss from the phone.

Interestingly, if I am not tracking sleep on the watch, it sometimes tries to start the watch application when the alarms triggers.

Hello @codex70, I’m now waiting for a Garmin watch from my collegue and then I will try to reproduce the issue and fix it… many thanks for reporting…

Thank you for looking into this, and if you need any help from me to test, let me know.

I have a similar problem with my garmin 965.
During the night the sleep as android from the watch and phone lose connection. Which makes sllep as android to have a night without sleep information and the alarm does not sound on the watch as a vibration. It only sounds on the phone. I have tried everything. All apps are on unrestricted. I have deleted the apps and installed again in the order that was explained on the manual. Nothing seams to work.
I have been using sleep as android for years on a Samsung watch and I am now frustrated after 2 weeks of a new garmin watch. Please help I can try any other different setting as I really enjoy the app.