Can you add a new captcha?

From Anonymous on 2017/08/21 20:28:03 +0000

I used to use an app called “Alarmy” before buying this one and the only thing I really miss about it was one of its captcha options. During the alarm set up process, it gave you 4 options for alarm dismissals. One of them was to use a picture to dismiss. You’d take a pic and each time the alarm would go off, you’d try to replicate it to dismiss it. The picture had to resemble the original pic otherwise it wouldn’t dismiss the alarm. I was wondering if you could add the same option? I understand if you can’t. Thanks for an amazing app, mate :slight_smile:

Copied from original feature request:

Add new tasks - a brain exercises or puzzles, Lumosity and Elevate style.

Right after I wake up I start doing brain exercises with Lumosity and Elevate and they have puzzles like this (adding/subtracting fractions, multiple digit numbers,…). I would love to see something like that in Sleep.

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