Can I use SaA and a smart band/watch to buzz me awake, then detect if I sleep again (and buzz me awake again)?

Hello, my first post here.

I am looking for an app (or apps) that will use a smart band/watch to buzz me awake, then detect if I fall sleep again (and buzz me awake again).

I only just came across SaA, will it do what I’m after?

Before I found SaA, I made a post on stack exchange, so I hope it’s ok if I just quote it below - and here’s a link if anyone prefers to answer on SE:

I am looking for an app (or apps) to go with a smartband/smartwatch that will:

  1. Use vibration to wake me up quietly
  2. Use sensors to verify/monitor that I stay awake/active/up and about instead of going back to sleep
  3. Use vibration to wake me up again if it detects that I fell asleep again (say, over breakfast, or if I just stay in bed and fall asleep again unwillingly)

The point is to get up at the right time with minimum disruption to my family.

I’m ok with any system (ish): I prefer Android to iOS but I will consider a solution based on iOS if it’s drastically better than Android can offer.

I’m ok with any hardware (ish): I am happy to buy a new smartband or smartwatch compatible with the apps recommended but I am not directly seeking hardware recommendations. I will appreciate suggestions, but I suspect it will be easy to pick compatible hardware anyway.

I’m happy to pay a little bit: I am happy to pay a small subscription for an app. I am happy with a one-off purchase fee too but I would certainly appreciate a free trial, even if very short.

I’m budget conscious: I will consider the latest Apple Watch if that’s the only way to get the functionality I want, but I would prefer the budget of a cheap smartband (or even better a “previous year’s model”, let’s say Xiaomi Mi Band 5, ca. 20 GBP).

Features required: nothing beyond the requirements at the top. Happy to use multiple apps if that works better.


  1. I do have a cheapo, 10 GBP band from Amazon, it is branded Ancwear. Unfortunately, it has issues:
  • It only seems to work with an app called fitpro.
  • It does have an alarm clock but it just produces two short buzzes, it doesn’t even continue until I interact with it.
  1. I believe some smartband apps have the ability to detect inactivity and encourage standing up occasionally so I would imagine similar logic can be used to detect that I haven’t moved for two minutes so I probably fell asleep again.
  2. I have come across Tools & Mi Band. Recent reviews suggest that this app no longer works so I didn’t explore in detail but I will accept it if it works and there is a workaround for the current issues.
  3. Please do not be offended if I post a similar question on android SE if I don’t get far on here within a few days, I appreciate some might not like it but I believe double posting has not been outlawed (except for clearly abusive cases).
  4. Please do not comment that I should be a man and sort out my sleep pattern myself.