Can I transfer the app to android phone which doesn't support google play store?

I used unlocked Sleep as Android on my last phone.
I changed my smartphone to new one for some reason, and it doesn’t support WiFi/mobile network, and Google Play Store too.
I exported the app from last phone, and put it to new phone, and then installed it.
I can use the app, but it is locked.
I think I purchased it by in-app purchase.
Can I transfer unlocked app to android phone which doesn’t support google play store?
Thank you.

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Sorry for the late response.

Yes, you can do that, but not with an in-app purchase. Validity of in-app purchases is checked against Play Store services, so without those, we can’t verify it.

On the other hand, if you had the standalone Sleep as Android Unlock, you won’t need Play Services. Please contact me at and I’ll give you some options…

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Hi! I would also like to transfer my Sleep as Android license to a smartphone completely without Google services. What do I need to do?