Can get only SpO2 with Go2Sleep?

I have “Fitbit Sence”, “Go2Sleep” (and Mi Band).
If select “Fitbit”, can get HR and moving, but can’t get SpO2.
If select “Go2Sleep”, can get HR and SpO2, but can’t get moving.

So, I want to use HR and move get from Fitbit, and SpO2 get Go2Sleep.
Is such operation possible?
Is there a way to monitor all HR, SpO2 and movement with Fitbit and Go2Sleep?

FitBit does not allow SpO2 data, so this type of data must come from the Go2Sleep.
The external addon for this ring is designed to work only if selected as “Use wearable” (meaning no movement data).
But a few users were successful to pair the Go2Sleep as a BTLE device and read the data like it was an oximeter.

I cannot promise it will work, as the addon is not designed like that (and was updated almost two years ago, so I am not sure if it is not abandoned).

But the setup should be:
Settings > Sleep tracking > Wearables > Wearable > FitBit - for movement
Settings > Sleep tracking > Wearables > Smart BT - for Go2Sleep device HR
Settings > Sleep tracking > Wearables > Pulse Oximeter (Bluetooth) - for SpO2 data from G2S

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I will try it tonight. Thank you for your information!

@lenka-urbandroid and all person who can give advice.

I tried it.
1). HR seems to have been obtained(I don’t know the source, Fitbit or Go2Sleep).
2). SpO2 could not be obtained.
3). Data acquisition is interrupted.

Please tell me.
1). Do you use the Go2Sleep addon?
2). How can I get my sleep data completely? I want to eliminate unused time.
3). I send setting image, this setting is OK?
Using device is SONY Xperia(SO-51B).

Hi, looks like the addon did not send any SpO2 data.
And both devices disconnected, so maybe BT was interrupted?
Sleep app seems to be running (the sound is monitored).

Could you please use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug? I don’t have enough info just from the screenshots.

Are the G2S addon, FitBit app, and Bluetooth excluded from system restrictions?

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Hi, I sent e-mail now, check please.
I have checked G2S and Fitbit app allow all permissions.

Bluetooth excluded from system restrictions?

What’s mean about this?

Bluetooth is a system component, but it still maybe be subject to system restrictions, sadly.

Permissions are not related, system restrictions are “battery optimizations” applied by the system - it means that the system can terminate any processes if it is running in the background (no matter which permissions the app has).

You can find details on this web, to add the BT app to the list, try to locate a sub-menu (usually in the top right corner) in the list of apps, that will allow you to add system apps to the list.

Thank you for your information. Changed bluetooth settings and try this night.
If you find out anything about the information I sent earlier, please let me know.

Good morning.
This morning checked data, some time data missing and SpO2 could not be obtained.
I just sent you a report about the log, so please check it.

Thank you.