Can anyone actually use Phaser as a light to read with?

I bought the duo package as my husband and I need new bed lamps, too. I am so so very disappointed in the light that comes off of it! Even in the brightest setting, you have to have it on the bed shining directly on your book and it’s a weird, weird, totally unnatural light as well as you can see this weird RGB band effect. I can’t imagine how it would wake anyone up either. I’m a light sleeper and even with it in my face, it wasn’t enough. I’m wondering if mine are just defective or is this how they are supposed to be? I’m honestly surprised this product got any good reviews! Oh, and it barely tracks my breathing. I’m back to my accelerometer on my watch and the light just sits there, until a light breeze knocks it over.

Shit! Sorry to hear that. I am planning to buy one, and looking into reviews and they are pretty mixed.

Please keep us updated if anything changes or you get any support.

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I don’t read to it but it does wake me up very well.

Honestly not. Actually, I have been trying to know more about it.