Calendar skipped my alarm - Sleep as Android

If you use the Skip alarm for holiday feature, SaA may offer to skip your next alarm even if tomorrow is not a holiday in your country. This is because we use Google’s holiday calendar, which is sometimes incorrect. You can cancel the skip if this is the case.

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I have the same problem.
I have a few Google holiday calendars for different countries, as I work with people from around the world.
I wish there was an option for Sleep as Android to only look into one of the calendars (my home country calendar).
I see it’s been a while since the topic was started, and I am surprised not sop many people have the same issue.
Thanks so much for the great piece of software!
I bought Sleep as Android more than 10 years ago, but was using a different alarm app for a few years because of its useful location-based alarms and calendar integration.