Breath rate detection & blood oxygen measurement - Sleep as Android

Whenever a significant dip in value occurs, a O2 symbol icon::ic_action_cpap[] will be shown in the graph. This is a breathing disturbance. From those disturbances, we compute your Section 4.1, “RDI” value.

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The “Breathing rate” graph has a really important facet to add.
The same graph is used, with an additional metric for breaths per minute - what I assume users’ minds already associate with “Breathing rate.”

The graph’s X-axis would stay the same. So would the number of breathing disturbances on the left Y-axis. Breaths per minute can get assigned to the right Y-axis.

Breaths per minute + breathing disturbances as graphed data points is powerful info for analyzing sleep. As research continues to fortify the vagus nerve’s link in our mind-body connection, it’s important to monitor vagal tone.

Especially when combined with breathing disturbances, analyzing data related to vagal tone is a powerful metric for enhancing this app. The data should already be present, so it just needs to be included in the “Breathing rate” graph.

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That would be a great addition to the app. Hope the developers read your comment - I realise it has been nearly a year now since you posted but worth a bump if nothing else.