From Paul Ritter on 2017/01/03 07:36:51 +0000

I’ve discovered a couple of months ago and it became almost instantly a staple in my life, it’s really that good. So what is it? I urge you to check their website, which has a clean design and all the information you need including the science behind it (being a scientist myself, naturally important to me). In short, uses an advanced AI to create sort of “binaural” music, which is known for a long time to have several positive effects on the brain. However, as the inventors of point out and are able to back up with scientific studies (!), their algorithm goes several steps further than “common” binaural solutions.
I am using it regularly now for naps, during work and most importantly during sleep (with a sleep mask with integrated headphones). I have to say that it really has a big impact on my ability to fall asleep (kind of shuts off ruminating thoughts which I’m prone, too) and possibly on overall sleep quality, too. As we SaA users know, sleep being as important as it is, any positive tweak of one’s sleep habit has a major impact on overall well-being and hence I greatly recommend
That being said, it seems quite natural to me to combine SaA and I am using both of them now, but of course “separately”, which is a bit tedious. Moreover, is still working on their Android app (iOS already out), so that one has to use the browser, which has a few disadvantages. Possible integration would be using it as lullaby and for naps but is also designed to play for the whole night!
Furthermore, I have the impression that the inventor/developer(s) are not only very close and friendly to the users but also listen to them carefully, the same as Peter here at SaA;-) So I imagine a good possibility for both teams to cooperate in a symbiotic way and thus enhance both apps at the same time!

Lastly, I have to add that I am just an enthusiastic user of both apps and am not affiliated in any way with them, neither personally nor financially.

Thanks for considering my suggestion.

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