Blue circles on sleep graph

What are the little blue circles with numbers in them, on my sleep graph?

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I have the same question and cannot find any answers in documentation or in this forum.

Why are these not mentioned in any documentation?

Hello @djpurity666 and @Kristen_Sarajlic, sorry for the late reply on this… These are usually breath rates or SPO2 levels detected through the Sonar, Sleep Phaser or Oximeter…

You can always check menu - Legend to see what is the meaning of various elements on the sleep graph…

Thanks for the info. I just don’t understand why my breathing would be so high? Last night for example showed some numbers as high as 19?? That’s pretty rapid breathing then! My dodow device helps me get down to just 6 breaths per minute…

I also see a lot of O² symbols some nights

This is a bit off-topic, but where can I find the legend? There is no legend in the menu on the Android app… Thanks.

While viewing the graph tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

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Oh, I see. Thank you!

When there is the symbol for “tracking is paused”, why does it get paused?

OK so those are the oxygen?
Am I supposed to worry or something?

Hello Celia,
those numbers in blue bubbles are breath rates (number of breaths per minute).
Your numbers are quite normal, so definitely not something you should be worried about :slight_smile:
But the actigraphy seems unusually flat. This can happen, when the signal is not strong enough. So please, make sure the phone is close enough. You can also try different position of the phone, or even different sonar frequency (in Settings > Sleep tracking > Test sensor you can choose a frequency from the drop down menu list).

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Thank you very much for your reply :blush: I’ll put the phone closer to me and I’ll maybe try another sonar frequency. I’ve used the basic one. Thanks again for the help and the advice :wink: have a nice day :blush: :heart: