Blacklist/timeperiod for sleeptracking to avoid false positives

Hi, so i have a major issue with sleep tracking it will often have false positives, sometimes through user error and other times due to unclear settings (i’m looking at you “Bedtime”) and that’s something that i want to avoid, especially when i’m in the office. Normally a false positive wouldn’t be an issue, but during office times it could potentially mean a security violation and that’s problematic. I know there are ways to get automatic Sleep tracking to not be as sensitive but i don’t want to worry about experimenting with settings all the time and reading through all the documentation to avoid unknowingly recording everything i say. This should be a simple implementation of “do not ever record from 9:00-17:00” or do not track during this time, and it would give the user a lot of value when working in environments that handle sensitive data.