"Bing Bong" sound at start of Any Alarm - How to Turn off?

Hi! I’ve been using Sleep As Android for a while. I switched from an older phone to a new Galaxy A6, and the Sleep as Android app automatically installed itself on my new phone.

What’s happening is that every time the alarm goes off, I hear a high-pitched “bing bong” sound, or a bell, at the time the alarm starts. After the “ding dong” sound goes off, then I hear the alarm I set. I want to turn off the “ding dong” sound but there aren’t any settings that I can find that explains what’s happening. This “bing bong” sound only started happening when I switched to the new Galaxy A6, and I’ve never heard it before on my other phone.

For example, suppose I set the alarm to go off at 7:00am and I select the alarm ringtone as “Seagulls 1”, and I set “Gentle Volume Increase” to 1 minute.

When it’s seven AM the first sound I hear is a “BING BONG” followed by the seagulls 1 sound.

The “bing bing” sound happens at the beginning of every alarm, even when I set the “alarm sound set” to start at 1 minute or 3 minutes - the “bing bing” sound starts at top volume at the exact minute I have set the alarm.

The sound appears to have something to do with the screen that appears when Sleep as Android begins. For example when I go to sleep the screen turns off. When the alarm starts in the morning at 7AM, a screen appears with the words “Alarm”, the time, a large green button saying I can “snooze 10 min”, a large red button saying “DISMISS” and some more green snooze buttons. The moment this screen appears (7AM) is when the “Bing Bong” sound plays, irrespective of any alarm settings I have made. If my phone screen is already on before the alarm plays, for example, then I don’t hear the “bing bong” sound.

Is there a way to turn off this “bing bong” sound?

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I think that’s the notification buglet. Go into settings, then apps. Find Sleep As Android. Turn NOTIFICATIONS all to silent. Turn OFF the “BEFORE ALARM NOTIFICATION”!!! That’s the Android goof-up.That’s basically it. This will NOT interfere with the real alarm; it’s all just notifications settings. It shouldn’t do this with an alarm app, but it’s in Android Pie, at least. It’s a very bad error and not the fault of the app developers; it will not affect the app alarm at all. It’s just an Android Pie mistake and you can fix it. Yes, it was annoying. Make sure you are not “notified” of a pending alarm. Hope this helps. I have a Note 8 on Pie. My watch is a Pebble Time, but it’s the phone doing this, not my trusty Pebble.

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Backup noises are good, but just add a loud sound to your playlist. That’s what I do. I have both light and sound gently rise. It’s really good! But turn off the Before Alarm Notification. That’s nuts. Just a small bug in the OS. But it can ruin your morning.

That has got it! Thanks very much, I listened to that sound for a month and a half. I had the feeling it was some android setting that was causing it. Now I can use the alarm as intended.

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You’re most welcome! Solved.