Better translating method

I have a suggestion for a better method to translate the apps rather than Google Sheets

Why not use Crowdin?

Crowdin is basically made for this stuff — translating programs;

  • It lets you put each string alone along with “context”; text describing where this string is used and a screenshot of where the string is located.
  • It lets people request context in case something is required in their language or the context isn’t clear enough.
  • It lets people vote on others’ translations.
  • It lets you give meanings to words exactly how you want them to be used to let others know how to translate them.
  • It shows a percentage of the translation done for each language.
  • In a Google sheet people may disagree on a translation and only one will show, but on Crowdin others can vote on translations to decide upon which one is the most appropriate.
  • Email notifications are sent to contributers whenever a new string is made for them to translate it.
  • Someone might delete everyone’s translations on the Google sheet, though you can go back to previous versions of the sheet but it’s inconvenient.
  • On Crowdin, emails aren’t visible to everyone like they are on the Google sheet; more people will want to help.

Make a project for Sleep like Android then add the translations to it from the Google sheet and let people vote on them and add their own; it’s way more convenient than a Google sheet.
You can also make other projects in the same profile, e.g for KineStop.