Better tagging!

Let me select my tags before I go to sleep. That way, I don’t have to try and remember the previous day while I am waking up.

Also let me bulk edit past and present tags. For example, I realized I had a dumb typo in a tag I used for two weeks. I fixed it, and now two months later I have ‘weigts’ and ‘weights’ as two separate tags…I’m gonna have to live with that typo forever!


I’d like that, too. I usually forget by morning what happened the night before, such as sleep aids and troubles. And some routines I do every night before sleep. I would like to be able to have them pre-tagged or listed.

As for the second problem, it’s a universal flaw in any tag-based system, which is all the rage over past decade. Relational database systems that enforce normalization do not use free form tags as they cause much data confusion. Duplication of chosen variables should be restricted in a database, but Twitter basically ruined such systems; they became unpopular.

I used to make databases, so I would prefer a set of lists of positives and negatives from both night and morning. But tags are a thing now, and there will be awkward duplications. Such as #socialmedia and #facebook as bad tags for pre-sleep activities. It should be one or the other, not both.

Yea, good points! I have used some other applications, though, where they have a simple ‘batch edit tags’ function where you can ‘Replace ___ with ____’ or similar functions. Really reduced a lot of headache in the past.

I love the idea of having routines pre-tagged so I can untag them on the rare instances they don’t occur, instead of actively tagging them for the 99% of nights they do occur.

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