Better support use of Philips Hue Smart Plug for non-dimmable high brightness "dumb" bulbs

Most smartlights are not very bright (e.g. Philips Hue bulbs are typically 800lm).
Philips makes the Hue Smart Plug that can switch “dumb” lamps on and off, allowing the use of high brightness bulbs.
However, these high brightness bulbs may not fit in the ceiling fixtures or table lamps typically used for a wakeup alarm. Thus, a hybrid configuration may be used where Hue bulbs are used as well as a Hue Smart Plug.

The Smart Plug is already supported by SleepAsAndroid, presented as a normal bulb. However, it comes on (full brightness, of course) immediately at the beginning of the sunrise alarm sequence, which ruins the idea of a gradually-increasing “sunrise” wake-up.


  • If both dimmable Hue bulbs and a Smart Plug are enabled for the sunrise alarm feature, SleepAsAndroid should slowly increase the brightness of the dimmable bulbs as it currently does, and only turn on the Smart Plug once the dimmable bulbs are at maximum brightness.
    This ensures the best outcome for a gentle awakening.

  • If only a Smart Plug is enabled, then turning it on immediately is reasonable.