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From Leone on 2018/02/17 14:56:54 +0000

I have some feedback/request to the app makers regarding the wake up light experience and its integration with philips hue lights.

  1. Please make it so that the wake up light time, is separate from the alarm, right now your alarm time is when the light starts to brighten and the sound/vibration offset time is your “real alarm time”. I mean it works, but its not an elegant solution and its frankly kinda counter intuitive. So a completely separate option field for smart light per alarm would be nice to have, So if i set my alarm at 08:00 and in the separate smart light field i set to 30 min, the light will start to light up at 07:30 and the alarm goes of with sound and the snooze UI at 8. This will fix my 2 other requests as well.

2.I have my phone kinda close to my face when i sleep, and if i want to use the wake up light feature, the alarm will trigger the snooze UI that lights up the phones screen and completely nullify the whole wake up effect due to how the phonesscreen light wakes me up instead of the simulated sun rise from my hue lamp. As mention above, fixing nr 1 would fix this problem as well, but if for w/e programming related context that cant be done, maybe add a off set time for the snooze function as we have for sounds/vibration could work.

  1. The smart light integration is defaulted for all the alarms used in the app, it would be nice if it was a toggle per alarm instead. I enjoy SSA simple as a really good alarm app, so its just a shame that i have to use the shitty stock android one for smaller alarms (5-20min ish alarms) like for when i cook or studie.

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From Leone on 2018/02/18 14:14:08 +0000

Another problem with nr 2, is that the snooze UI is if its lit for 26min each morning, i dont know how realistic it is but cant this cause a burn-in problem with some phones screens?

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From Leone on 2018/02/18 13:49:51 +0000

Found another inconvenience with the whole "wake up light" feature, the back up alarm (that cant be changed per alarm) is based of when the alarm start aka when the light begin to brighten, so another instance of the counter intuitiveness arise, you need to offset the back up alarm with w/e time you offset the sound/vibration with.

Its a shame the wake up light is working in this counter intuitive way, SAA have a ton of neat and well made features that kinda gets shoved to the side if you want to use your fancy new smart lights with your alarm. I have no interest in all the sleep improving stuff so i have no feedback there but i guess some those features also gets pushed to the side if want to use smart lights :confused:

I also have issue with number 1 in the first post.
Smart light integration overall works good but the issue is I want to be able to set start of the smart light activity before actual alarm. This is something that is missing or I don’t know how to set it up in the app.
So if I set alarm at 8:00 I want to actually have alarm at 8:00 and not 15 minutes later because of smart lights slow sunrise simulation that I want to have.
Is this already possible in the current stable release or is something that can and hopefully will be integrated in the future? I looked documentation and didn’t find answer to my question.