Better Records on Google Calendar

Hello. I love the Google Calendar integration. However, there’s a few ways I’d like to see it improved:

    • Editing the sleep info stored in the entry, if I make changes to that entry retroactively. (Such as marking periods awake that the app didn’t sense, changing the length of sleep I actually got if I was laying around for a long time instead of sleeping, rating it or adding tags/description after-the-fact to compensate for the app’s long-standing bugs, etc). In other words… It’d be nice if edits to my sleep record in SAA would also update the calendar entry via re-sync, without causing duplicate entries.
    • Listing the number of hours we sleep in the name of the entry. It already lists the time we fall asleep, but it’d be super useful if it could add, like, “6.5 hrs” or “6 hr 32 min” into the title, so we can more quickly at-a-glance look at our calendars and see our pattern. This is especially helpful when I try to tell my therapist and sleep specialist about how I was doing on each day, and how that corresponded to how well I slept, without having to open each entry individually.
    • Many people have voted on this, and apparently it’s been a while, but… Using other calendars instead of just our primary personal one to check for scheduled events. I tend to have my less time-sensitive events on my main personal calendar, but usually put timed ones (like appointments) on my Family calendar, so they all know when I won’t be available, are ready to give me a ride to the doctors if I need it, etc. So, this is long overdue.
    • Maybe having less confusing documentation for setting alarms on Google Calendar with the times tags. I have no idea how it’s supposed to work.
      #alarm-30 (advances the alarm for 30 minutes)” or “#alarm+2h30m (postpones the alarm for 2 hours 30 min)” … Advance or postpone relative to what? Which one would I use to tell it to wake me up an hour before the event?

Advancing and postponing could both mean moving the alarm to a later time (advancing meaning to move forward… and postponing meaning to do it later!). Meanwhile, all I care about is having the alarm go off a certain time BEFORE the event… but if one of those “advance” or “postpone” means before or after… then what sense does that make? :confused:

So yeah, maybe some less confusing wording would be better. Like #alarm30 or #alarm1h15m simply being all you need to wake us up 30 minutes, or 1 hour & 15 minutes, before the event.

Better yet…

    • What if it checks the Notifications we set for the calendar event, and integrates the earliest one automatically? For example, I have to see my specialist at 4pm, and it’s a half-an-hour drive, plus I want 15 minutes to get ready. So, on the Event on the calendar, I created two Notifications for the event, one 30 minutes before it (to tell me it’s time to go), the other 45 minutes before it (to make sure I’m awake so I can start my 15 minutes of getting ready).

So, maybe SAA’s alarms can first check to see that I have an event at a certain time, then check for any Notifications I added for that event. And seeing the “45 minutes before” notification, it knows that’s when I want to be awake. So, it can let me know that it’ll set an alarm for 3:15pm.

And in case we forget to add reminders to the calendar events, then we can tell it a default time unit to use. Such as, to be on the safe side since many of my doctors are quite a ways away, I can give it a default, such as…

Which calendar? “Family”
Default alarm time before event? “1 hour”
Which calendar? “ZaCloud (Main)”
Default alarm time before event? “0 minutes (on time)”

I hope these points can be considered. Thank you.