Better quick setting tile

Feature request

Current behaviour

The quick tile of sleep as android allows you to start and stop the sleep tracking. The icon and color (active/inactive) of the tile change whether or not the sleep tracking is active or not.
Pressing the tile one time start a normal sleep tracking. double pressing or long pressing the tile are not implemented and will also start the tracking.

requested behaviour

  • I would like you to implement a long press on the tile to open the application. by default it would open the application on the main screen. This can be the dashboard page, or the to the screen that shows all alarms. User can enable the tabs layout mode to open the alarm first or keep the default behaviour of dashboard.

  • Optionally, allow to change the behaviour of the single click on the tile. I would like to use sleep tracking with low battery / no sensor data instead of full tracking.

  • In the tile description/text of the tile (“sleep tracking” or similar), also show the time for the next alarm in sleep as android. This will allow the user to see whether or not the current configuration/alarm is good before activating the tracking. If the next alarm is not good, the user would long press and get to the alarm screen and change it. If it’s good, he can click on the tile to enable the tracking and go to bed.

What if the feature is not implemented / current usage

In the current form, the quick tile works, but it’s not the best. If it’s irrelevant to your user because of a lack of functionality, it won’t be used.

The quick tile is not usable for people like me that change the alarm from time to time. Because the tile does not show the next alarm, I would need to use this button blindly, which I will not do. I need to manually check the app and can’t use the tile.

The daily process is I need to go the the app, check the next alarm is correct or not, change it to another time, press back, then start the sleep tracking, then enable low battery mode.

I don’t know how many users do that. I don’t know how many uses the tile. But at the same time, I think the requested feature are not that difficult and might not take a long time to do and bring value to everyone.

After contacting support, I was told that the sleep as android widget that can be added to the home screen will show the next alarm or a different color if there is no alarm for the next day.

However… me being a power user, I did something of my own, and these consequences does not apply to me, only to other people. Explanation :

What I did

*I love that you made a tasker plugin in sleep as android. With it I was able to implement what I wanted here.
You can find the recipe to implement a better quick setting tile for sleep as android here