Best wearables for sleep, Heart, O2


I have just started using SAA. What are the best (best capture) wearables for Sleep, Heart, breathcount & Oxygen in blood capture, that integrate with SAA?

Know that these things are not medical grade, but want ones that are nearest. Cost is not a problem, as sleep & related problems are a big issue in my life.

And I am also open to using more than one wearable, to capture all things at their best quality.

BTW, I use oneplus 5, Android/OxygenOS v. 9.

Thanks to all giving pointers.

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Everyone has different needs, but this is what I’ve found. I wear a Pebble Time with the Sleep As Android app plus an armband BTLE HR wearable. It’s the Scosche Rhythm 24. Chest band BTLE HR monitors tend to turn off with lack of movement. Armbands are manually turned on by you, and manually turned OFF BY YOU. In between, it keeps reading HR and sends the data continuously to Sleep As Android. Both Polar and Wahoo also have armbands that work similarly.

The combo makes it very simple to just push the sleep tracking button and go to sleep with no thought necessary.

A lot of people use watches or bands that have wrist-skin HR measurement. Others use Sonar or the sleep phaser light device, but need a HR monitor. I prefer my simple and very accurate combo.