Best settings for Lucid dreaming cues in beginning of REM phase?

As my nym implies, I am suffering from nightmares (every night, often
multiple times per night).

As I have exhausted all other options, I am trying - already for a long,
long time - to get Sleep as Android Lucid dreaming cues to wake me up
when I am in REM sleep.

But I have no success. The Lucid dreaming cues - vibration on my Mi Band
2 - do happen, but always when I am awake.

I have experimented with all the settings which I think are relevant,
but no luck.

So my question is, which settings do you advise to set and to which

As far as I know, these settings are relevant:

  • Lucid dreaming:

    • ‘Sensitivity’, currently set to ‘High sensitivity’.
    • ‘Later’, set to ‘After 3 hours’. Works correctly, no too early cues.
    • ‘Vibrate’ ticked.
    • ‘Repeat’ set to ‘2x’ or more.
  • Sleep tracking:

    • Smart wake up:
      • ‘Movement intensity’/‘Lucid dreaming’, currently set to ‘Medium
    • Awake detection:
      • ‘Movement intensity’, currently set to ‘High sensitivity’.
      • ‘Heart rate monitoring’, currently set to ‘Medium sensitivity’.

For the Lucid dreaming ‘Sensitivity’ setting and the Smart wake up
‘Movement intensity’ setting - as it relates to Lucid dreaming -, it is
not clear what they do exactly or/and what the different sensitivity
levels mean/do. (Yes, I’ve studied the Documentation and FAQ, over and

My setup: Mi Band 2, with ‘the Tools & Mi Band’ and ‘Mi Fit’ apps, used
for movement detection and heart rate.

Thanks in advance for any and all responses.