"Before Alarm Notification" Why?

Why would anyone want a notification blip sound BEFORE their alarm, thus cancelling out their choice of alarm sound and suddenly waking them up? I don’t understand this. And it goes off sometimes, despite my having turned it off in app-specific notifications. I usually turn off all notifications before sleep, but they sometimes turn themselves back on.

There are bugs from time to time, sure; I’m a beta tester. But this is clearly a feature that not only makes no sense whatsoever but ruins the wake-up experience more than any bug. I do not want to be “notified” (jolted awake) by an annoying loud little blip that my very gently rising Alpha wave piano alarm is about to start, along with my white ambience faux sunlight starting while I am still asleep. All this preparation cancelled out by that sound. Very, very annoying when this pre-alarm notification warning sound happens while fast asleep and not gradually awakened by specially chosen alarm music, which is dismissed because it was rendered useless by the loud blip sound. Puts you in a lousy mood to start things off in your day. (Which then puts all others in a lousy mood because you’re irritable and they assume you’ve emerged from an argument with a human, rather than a machine.)

Thanks for any explanation.