Bedtime notification - Sleep as Android

Sends you a "Time to go to bed!" notification before bedtime.

Bedtime notification is an effective way to maintain optimal sleep length or fight high sleep deficits. You can set the notification to trigger between 5 minutes to 2 hours before bedtime so you’ll have enough time to prepare for bed.

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It would be lovely if this could be triggered without needing an alarm to be set.

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Can I just have a nortification to go to sleep and and how much time I have have left for sleep to a set time.

I would love more granularity on the Smart Bedtime feature. I always want it to take into account the smart period (since I generally prefer to think of the start of the Smart Period as my wakeup time, rather than the end), but I don’t want the other parts of the feature like the average sleep deficit.

Basically, I want to get a notification [bedtime notification duration] + [sleep duration goal] hours before [Alarm Time - Smart Period] aka the earliest I might be woken up.

How can I turn this off???

in Settings > Bedtime notification > Bedtime notification > Disabled.

I believe that’s precisely what this particular function of SaA enables. :blush: