Bedtime notification: disable wristband vibration option

I have to say I love that I can integrate with my mi band, but the vibration telling me it’s time to go to bed which I have often come up when I’m already in bed but haven’t started tracking is really disruptive. If I don’t start the app to track my sleep it’s assuming I’m not sleeping. Some nights I’m just going to bed early and not tracking but being woken up by my wristband for no good reason.

Why not just respect DND and make silent android notifications? and allow me to control what notifications hit my fitness tracker?

Just checking in to see if anyone had thoughts on this.

Uncheck the box in settings to eliminate notifications.

My watch does not buzz when bedtime notifications fire. I have a Pebble Time. It has its own “Quiet Time.” You can also turn off “Calendar Aware” notifications. There are reasons why people fought to keep their Pebbles alive. Makes life easier.

P.S. – Pebble isn’t dead. Just got a new lease on life. See Pebble Junkies on Facebook. This may be either an Android Wear issue, or Tizen.